Sage + Dead Sea Salt Body Buffer & Bath


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Sage + Dead Sea Salt Body Buffer & Bath is a dual purpose body scrub and bath soaking salt. It is created with homegrown common sage grown in ETERNILE garden, natural salts from the Dead Sea as well as organic eucalyptus essential oil.


Common Sage (Salvia Officinalis) is grown without pesticides in our garden. It contains camphor and camphene which provide natural anti-fungal, anti-bacterial. Common Sage assists in protecting the skin against damage caused by free-radicals; its soothing and cleansing. Providing mental clarity and balance. 


Dead Sea Salt is beneficial for softening skin, pulling out toxins as well as providing essential minerals such as calcium, magnesium, as well as potassium. It can be used as a bath for skin conditions such as psorasis and eczema. 


Eucalyptus Essential Oil is beneficial for opening up the respiratory system, it is a natural decongestant that also had antiseptic qualities. Eucalyptus can soothe bodily aches and pains as it is antispasmodic. 


Organic Sunflower Oil is comedogenic, with a rating of 0, and high in vitamin E making it extremely gentle and easily absorbed into the skin


For healing - After freshly cleansing skin, use Sage + Dead Sea Salt Body Buffer & Bath as an exfoliant to remove dead skin, and reap the benefits of healing sage, dead sea salt and eucalyptus as well as sunflower oil. Alternatively, add a generous handful to a full tub of water, relax and soak for at least 30 minutes. 

Do not consume. Keep out of reach of young children.