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Sage Babes Soap

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Sage Babes soap provides a gentle, yet thorough cleanse. Crafted by hand, with homegrown sage, organic sage and clary sage essential oils, its intended to keeping us grounded this season. 

Common Sage (Salvia Officinalis) is grown without pesticides in our garden. It contains camphor and camphene which provide natural anti-fungal, anti-bacterial. Common Sage assists in protecting the skin against damage caused by free-radicals; its soothing and cleansing. Providing mental clarity and balance. 

The offerings of sage are numerous, used by both aboriginal and it is highly valued for its ability to cleanse spiritual and remove unwanted entities in the physical realm.

Wild crafted Mullien (Verbascum thapsus) is grown wild and harvested from undisturbed soils. It is soft to touch like sage, they help to prevent or ease infection and soften the skin 

Components: Ghanaian shea butter*, coconut oil*, castor oil*, olive oil*, common sage, clary sage and common sage essential oils, sodium hydroxide + water (none remains after soap has cured). 


Sage Babes is created with fresh and dehydrated sage (salvia officinalis) leaves and stems. Grown in EterNile Garden, located in the Bronx.