Lavender Kamut + Bentonite Clay


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Ideal for eczema, dry skin. 

Inspired by the common, soothing lavender oatmeal combination. 

Kamut is an organic ancient grain. High in magnesium, zinc, vitamin A and many other vital nutrients. It soothes irritated or inflamed skin while gently removing dead skin cells. 

Lavender diffuses tension and induces relaxation while encouraging blood circulation. Additionally, Lavender serves as a natural disinfectant for the skin.

Bentonite Clay gently detoxifies the skin and pulls out impurities that may cause inflammation.


Ingredients: Olive oil*, Coconut Oil*, Castor Oil*, Fair Trade Cocoa Butter*, Ghanian Shea Butter*, Sodium Hydroxide (none remains after soap has cured), Kamut*, Lavender Buds*, Lavender Essential Oil*.