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LavaMint Whipped Soap Scrub

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LavaMint is a whipped soap. This two-in-one soap is a combination of organic sugar + finely ground lavender buds and butterfly pea flower. Together they provide a very gentle scrub. Lava mint  smells delicious and is sweet as it contains sugar, but please refrain from eating it. 

Buttefly pea flower has many benefits for skin as it is rich in naturally occurring antioxidants that assist skin in its natural functions such as collagen production. it’s also naturally Anti-inflammatory helping with itchiness, redness or irritation. 

The combination of lavender and peppermint invite ease and relaxation making Lavamint ideal for  when you are ready to get cozy and settle back into to yourself after a busy day.

Components: vegan foaming soap, cane sugar*, lavender buds*, butterfly pea blossoms, lavender and spearmint essential oils*.

More scrub: More Sugar!

Less scrub: Less Sugar!