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Irish Moss Face & Body Wash

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Growing up as a Jamaican descendant, Irish moss was a beverage that was prepared with vanilla, nutmeg, and Irish moss to name a few. It was very popular as a creamy, delicious, nutritious beverage which was sometimes combined with stout for an earthy taste and added benefits. As I matured and did the research I realized that Irish moss is actually a misnomer, the true name for the species used is Genus Gracilaira. Irish moss is synonymous with Chondrus Crispus, this species is exclusively purple in color and is found on the coast of Ireland. Hence the name. 

This creamy, skin nourishing liquid soap is crafted with Genus Gracilaira. This moss may have varying colors: golden to light pinkish purple. This nutrient dense sea vegetable is known to have stores of calcium, magnesium, selenium, potassium and more. The benefits are numerous, for skin it encourage the production of collagen, it has soothing properties for skin and is anti-inflammatory. 

Brought to fruition from Laura’s nostalgia, memories of summers in Jamaica, this soap is intended to provide the healing benefits of sea moss to your care ritual. 


Face Wash:


Sweet mint: 


Components: filtered water, extra virgin olive oil*, castor oil*, wild crafted Genus Gracilaira, essential oils.