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Aromatherapy Roll-ons

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The intention behind these roll-ons is to create something small yet powerful that brings you back to self. They're infused with organic blossoms as well as organic essential oils. Read the descriptions below and see how each resonates. 

Palma - this roll-on is earthy, with a burst of citrus and floral notes. It is ideal for grounding and adding a little bit of sweetness into your life. 

Awesome Blossom - a bouquet of flowers for you, to illuminate your day. This roll-on is nostalgic with the enticing floral notes to tickle your nose. Reminiscent of your dedicated elder's flower garden. 

Sage & Lemon - bright and herbaceous, this roll-on activates your senses and encourages your focus. 

how to use: roll-on wrists, nape of neck, scalp, collar bone, or any other delicate place that you feel inclined to. rub gently, if you desire. fully injoy the day.

components: organic golden hemp seed oil infused with hibiscus, chamomile and calendula, essential oils & love.