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Au Healer

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Au Healer, is a luxurious multi-use soap that is created with the fresh juice of nopales also known as opuntia. It is created with eucalyptus essential oil that assists in providing a gentle aromatherapy experience. Combining these two allows for a healing shower experience that assists our transition into fall. 

Nopal - is a cactus plant known to be extremely hydrating as well as calming to skin. it has the ability to reduce inflammation in all skin types, especially those with sensitive skin. high in anti-oxidants, it is used to combat acne. 

Eucalyptus -  eucalyptus has the ability to open up the respiratory system, boosting overall wellness.

Tea Tree - in the melaleuca family, tea tree is highly value for its ability to kill various forms of unwanted bacteria and fungus. it is used to speed up wound healing, to fight acne as well as putrid odors.  

Components - Ghanaian shea butter*, coconut oil*, castor oil*, olive oil*, essential oils*, locally grown nopales.


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