Fevergrass + Coffee Soap


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Hormone balancing, Exfoliating, + Antiseptic

Our Fevergrass and Coffee soap is hand made with organic oils. The scent of fever grass, known to many as lemongrass, combined with coffee creates a soothing natural exfoliator. It has a creamy lather that removes dead, dry skin while cleansing and conditioning skin.

Fevergrass - known for its ability to regulate body temperature, reduce anxiety, relieve pain and kill bacteria. 

Fair-Trade Coffee -  “wakes up” the skin reducing the appearance of dark marks and wrinkles, aids in the removal of dead skin.

Ingredients: olive oil*, coconut oil*, castor oil*, fair-trade cocoa butter*, fair-trade coffee*, essential oil of lemongrass*, & soaponified sodium hydroxide (none remains after soap has cured).