Chamomile & Argan Face Oil


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This Chamomile & Argan Face oil is created with organic golden hemp seed oil as well as organic argan oil. Both these oils have a 0 on the comedogenic rating scale. This means that they do not clog the pores (contributing to black heads or break outs).

Argan oil is indigenous to Morocco, it is high in vitamin E and seals in necessary moisture without blocking the pores. Combined with homegrown chamomile blossoms this oil is naturally soothing to the skin, regulating sebum production and reducing inflammation, such as acne. 

Chamomile aids in fighting problematic bacteria that contributes to acne. Moreover, hemp seed oil aids irritated skin and provides necessary nutrients that encourage skin cell regeneration.

Sea Buckthorn Oil (Sea berry oil) aids wounds, sores and promotes elasticity. It also promotes a natural glow. 

Ingredients: Hemp seed oil, Argan oil, Sea buckthorn oil, Chamomile (blossom).

For use as emollient, add two drops directly to face or to fingertips and distribute to freshly cleansed skin.

For use as oil cleanser, distribute on face or fingertips and massage into face for 1-2 minutes. Wipe excess oil with warm washcloth.

For use as makeup remover, follow the same process above.