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Greetings, We are Laura and Nile. We are the owners of Eternile. Eternile, LLC provides locally produced skin care and workshops for herbal healing, insight on reducing toxin exposure and simple self-care. We strive to reduce people's exposure to carcinogens through our line of cold process soaps, body emollients, hand sanitizer, herbal as well as floral hydrosols, in addition to a variety of other herbal products.


​During the summer and fall months, Eternile garden is the source of many of the herbs and plants that are worked with to be incorporated into the healing products that Eternile creates. These plants include indigenous cactus: optunia, roses, German chamomile, Common Sage and more. We also host workshops for both adults and youth to teach them how to craft simple, botanical, non-carcinogenic skin care for themselves and their families.  

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